Arena of Active Citizens

On the evening of Saturday, the 26th of September, over 80 Bucharest dwellers have been lured with a mirror and the question “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most active citizen of them all?” to enter Arena Cetatenilor ActiviThe Arena of Active Citizens. The Arena is an interactive track which had been set up by the volunteers at Progress Foundation on the occasion of the Night of Open Libraries.

The track, which was packed with different activities- a quiz on the topic of active citizenship, puzzles with portraits of model citizens, filling in of MUST DO lists- must-do activities, must-read books- has led the sleepless citizens right into the Nest of Democracy. The Nest is a space awarded by the National Library for setting up a meeting, debate and work place for citizens and NGO’s.

The Nest of Democracy will only be inaugurated at the end of October, but the brave clue-hunters were already able to see  the set-up plans, they received information about the space’s functions, and they participated in active citizenship exercises.