Civis Polonus’ scoping visit in Bucharest (Romania)


Thursday and Friday (October 23 to 24), our partners from Civis Polonus Foundation – Olga Napiontek, Karolina Pucek and Mike Waldron – have held their first scoping visit in Bucharest, Romania. The two days of work were used by the three experts to probe the perception of the project target groups (librarian trainers, NGO members, citizens) on the forms of activism practiced in Romania, their training needs in the field of active citizenship as well as their interest in getting involved in the project. For this purpose, Progress Foundation set up a focus group and online discussions which allowed the Polish partners to discuss with various stakeholders (NGO members, citizens involved in local initiative groups, entrepreneurs, librarians trainers, representatives of public administration). As a result of these interactions, both partners and participants have realized the need to expand the public interest and capacity to involve in other forms of activism (not just in the political kind but also in social, educational, and economic) as well as the need to create contexts and spaces that encourage active citizenship.

Civis Polonus Foundation was established in 2004 to building an interest and a comprehensive understanding of public affairs at the local, national and international levels in Poland. The Foundation’s goals are rooted in de Toqueville’s thinking about the nature of the ‘good’ state. Civis Polonus believes that the state is a community of self-organized, competent and engaged citizens. In its day to day work, the foundation supports and collaborates with officials, teachers, youth councils librarians and local leaders.