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8 new partners joined #ThirdPlace

The selection of partners in the public library sector ended! We are delighted to wish “welcome” in the project to the following partners:

We thank all applicants for their interest and we congratulate the selected libraries. Together we open a new chapter in our common project at the end of which the citizens of Bucharest, Sibiu, Drobeta Turnu-Severin, Galati, Piatra Neamt, Targu-Mures and Ploiesti will have access to facilities, resources and learning facilitators to develop their active citizenship skills.

Training active citizens in Constanta – so what?

After thorough considerations, 15 volunteers from Constanta who joined us in the ”Third Space for Active Citizenship” decided that instead of listening to the seagulls at the shore, they would rather spend their weekend by attending an active citizenship training (click here for photo gallery).

Therefore, between March 13th and 15th, together with Lili – our librarian trainer from the ”Ioan N. Roman” Public Library of Constanta – and Cosmin – training coordinator, Progress Foundation, we explored, we played, we learned from each other, we drew, we ”made” theater, we discovered how we can change systems and we even found out that we are better than we imagined – validated by the others:)

During the training course we all passed through a lot of questions, either ours about us or about what can we do for our community, or others, about what can we do for our welfare in the community. We shared many questions like ”why?”, ”how?”, ”when?”, ”who?”, ”what?” – long live journalism! and, when we thought that we solved them all, the insensible”so what?” popped up.

We won’t tell you what we replied, but we would rather let you imagine creative solutions to the moments when you’d face people who tell you so what about an initiative you consider important to yourself. Because is it’s important to yourself, it’s also important to your family, your friends, your mates, your neighbors, your community and, guess what, even to the so what people.

Need a constructive feedback? You can find us in our partner libraries – just say you’re looking for a democracy nest!

We’re looking for 7 new libraries to join our project!

It’s spring! The “Third Place” project already took root in 7 cities and soon the first democracy nests will be arranged for active citizens!

We’ve got practice-proven tools, we’ve got the know-how of the first stage and we certainly have a feasible project model! Now we’re looking for another 7 county libraries with which to expand the project implementation area and make room for other 7 democracy nests!

Thus, if you:

  • represent a public county library;
  • want to retrieve and potentiate the experience of the first stage counterparts;
  • can count on a librarian trainer to facilitate the formation of active citizens;
  • can provide a space for a “democracy nest” (Progress Foundation covers the installation costs in the amount of 1600 euros)
  • can co-opt 7 local NGOs who will involve their volunteers in the project implementation

then please enroll in our partner selection by using the form available right here and by sending the supporting documents before March 27th, 12:00.

To keep in mind: the enrolment with 7 local NGOs is conditional to the participation in the project. The county libraries interested to be our partners will have to submit Annex 1 filled in by the legal representative of each NGO co-opted as a local partner. All annexes will be sent by email at:, before March 27th, 12:00.

Applications will be reviewed on 27-30 March and the results will be published Tuesday, March 31th.

We’ve got volunteers!

The selection of volunteers has ended, thank you to all who have applied! Here are the results for each city:

Selected volunteers will be contacted by email or telephone on Monday, January 26th, to find out all the details necessary for participating in the project.

Applications received after the deadline, submitted by people under 16 and the entries that were not supported by proper motivation unfortunately were rejected. Rejected applicants will be contacted on Tuesday, January 27th (via email or phone), to be told the reasons that led to this decision.

Exceptionally, in Suceava and Constanta, due to the large number of applicants, trainers will deliver training courses on active citizenship especially for those registered on the reserve list. Details of attending courses will be offered from 27th to 31st of January.

In conclusion: we volunteers, we have active citizens!

We’ve got volunteers @Democracy Nest in Brasov

Here are the results of the volunteer selection for Brasov:

Selected volunteers:

  1. Raluca Baco/NGO Representative/Volunteer Center „Feed-Back”
  2. Diana Armanu/Citizen
  3. Branescu Flavia/Citizen
  4. Muraru Petrica-Daniel/Citizen
  5. Irimiea Stefania/Citizen
  6. Istrate Laura/Citizen
  7. Cazac Manuel-Iulian/Citizen
  8. Boto Calin/Citizen
  9. Iordache Elena/NGO Representative/Colors Association
  10. Dragoiu Rares/Citizen/
  11. Baciu Cristina/Public Servant/”George Baritiu” Brasov County Library
  12. Lupsa Dana/NGO Representative/Happy Moms Association
  13. Ioana Bejan/NGO Representative/ProPark Association
  14. Cloca Alina Catalina/Citizen
  15. Baciu Cristina/Citizen
  16. Nazare Ruxandra/Citizen
  17. Mihai Tatu/NGO Representative/Visum Association

We’ve got volunteers @Democracy Nest in Bucharest

Here are the results of the volunteer selection for Bucharest:

Selected volunteers:

  1. Mihnea Florea /NGO Representative/Lindenfeld Association
  2. Simona Apostol/NGO Representative/Chamber of Commerce Romania Congo Brazaville
  3. Claudia Dragan/NGO Representative/Local Development Group
  4. Mihai Dumbrava/Citizen, NGO Representative/Craiasa Dunarii/ freelancer
  5. Andreea Gurau/Citizen/
  6. Ene Mirela/Citizen
  7. Damian Alexandru/Citizen
  8. Ionita Doinita/Citizen
  9. Vaneata Elena/Citizen
  10. Alexandru Magdalena/Citizen
  11. Marcovici Cristian/Citizen
  12. Ciurea Maria Madalina/Citizen
  13. Neacsu Angelica Gabriela/Citizen/Secondary School Nr 206
  14. Adriana Macsut/Citizen, Journalist/Cronica de Falticeni; Pravalia culturala
  15. Daniela Buciu/Citizen
  16. Alexandra Timofte/Citizen
  17. Gaitanaru Raluca-Maria/Citizen

We’ve got volunteers @Democracy Nest in Cluj-Napoca

Here are the results of the volunteer selection for Cluj-Napoca:

Selected volunteers:

    1. Perde Beatrix /NGO Representative/Asociatia Philo-Historiss
    2. Cristina Grigore/NGO Representative/Romanian Parents Foundation
    3. Bitlan Simona/Public servant/Ministry of Justice
    4. Burdea Andra-Ariana/Citizen
    5. Kerekes Iren/Citizen
    6. Aanei Ioana/Citizen
    7. Burdea Andra-Ariana/Citizen
    8. Zadic Diana/Citizen
    9. Golban Paul Daniel/Citizen
    10. Pecican Senya/Citizen
    11. Serb Alexandru/Citizen

We’ve got volunteers @Democracy Nest in Constanta

Here are the results of the volunteer selection for Constanta:

Selected volunteers:

  1. Ghitoiu Daniela/NGO Representative/Asociatia T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More)
  2. Dinca Iulia/NGO Representative/T.E.A.M
  3. Popa Alexandra Monica/NGO Representative/T.E.A.M
  4. Stoleru Iulia Manuela/NGO Representative/T.E.A.M
  5. Udrea Rafael – Marian/Citizen, Public servant, NGO Representative/T.E.A.M
  6. Udrea Andra – Maria/Citizen, Public servant, NGO Representative/Association of Local Youth Groups
  7. Puscasu Stefan/NGO Representative/T.E.A.M
  8. Cristina Mâtu/Citizen
  9. Grosariu Georgiana/Citizen
  10. Nicarel Anca/Citizen
  11. Cojocaru Mihaela/Citizen
  12. Liviu Martinescu/Citizen
  13. Lascu Gabriel Bogdan/Citizen
  14. Nicusor Toader/Citizen
  15. Anisoara Dascalu/Citizen

Reserve list:  

  1. Luciana Capraru/Citizen
  2. Marioara Popa/Citizen
  3. Ioana Binder/Citizen
  4. Liviu Martinescu/Citizen
  5. Panait Ana-Maria/NGO Representative/T.E.A.M
  6. Cristina Munteanu/Citizen


We’ve got volunteers @Democracy Nest in Suceava

Here are the results of the volunteer selection for Suceava:

Selected volunteers:

  1. Stefan Gales/NGO Representative/Association Ecological Group of Collaboration GEC Bucovina
  2. Munteanu Cristina/NGO Representative/Association Ecological Group of Collaboration GEC Bucovina
  3. Tudosa Vlad-Florin/NGO Representative/YOUNG GENERATION BOTOSANI
  4. Ionela-Maria Nasaudean/NGO Representative
  5. Pavelescu Maria/NGO Representative/Roots and Wings Association Suceava
  6. Matner Otilia/NGO Representative/School Parents Association “Petru Musat”
  7. Lupaescu Alexandru/NGO Representative/Project ProEurope Association
  8. Daneliuc Niculina Doina/NGO Representative/Multicare Suceava Association
  9. Ceredeev Anastasia/NGO Representative/Project ProEurope Association
  10. Tudor- Alexandru Chibici/NGO Representative/”Save the Children” – Suceava branch
  11. Monica Constantinescu/Citizen
  12. Maxim Alina-Nicoleta/Citizen
  13. Tanase Sorin-Iulian/Citizen/College “Alexandru the Good”, Gura Humorului
  14. Raluca Arhire/Citizen
  15. Clucrerescu Lacramioara-Tatiana/Citizen/Professor School Coordinator
  16. Virvara Daniela/Citizen
  17. Mocrei Ecaterina Liliana/NGO Representative/School Parents Association “Petru Musat”

Reserve list:

  1. Doroftei Maria Felicia/NGO Representative/Multicare Suceava Association
  2. Samson Iulia/Citizen
  3. Tudor Gaitan/Citizen/National Council of Pupils
  4. Diana-Maria Chiriac/Citizen/Volunteer Red Cross
  5. Bucurel Adriana Daniela/Citizen/Volunteer Red Cross
  6. Macovei Anca/Citizen
  7. Luana Craciun/Citizen
  8. Anca Vieriu/NGO Representative/AR Vocational and Investment Solutions – ARVIS
  9. Naiman Anamaria/Citizen
  10. Matei Alexandra Stefana/Functionar public/General Direction for Social Assistance and Child Protection – Suceava
  11. Aicha-Svetlana Daneliuc/Citizen
  12. Ceredeev Emilian/NGO Representative/Project ProEurope Association
  13. Adamovici Simona Teodora/Citizen
  14. Chindris Adriana/Citizen
  15. Pintilei Elena/Citizen
  16. Maidan Roxana/Citizen
  17. Fadur Mihaela/NGO Representative/There is Life after Mourning Association
  18. Naiman Anamaria/Citizen
  19. Calinescu Corina/College “Alexandru the Good”, Gura Humorului

We’ve got volunteers @Democracy Nest of Deva

Here are the results of the volunteer selection for Deva:

Selected volunteers:

  1. Mara Hasa/NGO Representative/Pro Thalia – Pro Dacia Association
  2. Dorin Craciun/NGO Representative/Sport Club Ulpianum Oradea
  3. Mihaela Jecherean/NGO Representative/Association Sportiva MAV GIM Deva
  4. Raican Dan/NGO Representative/Antiparkinson Association
  5. Jeflea Loredana-Codruta/NGO Representative/Friends of Library Association
  6. Dacian Muntean/NGO Representative/S.E.N.S. HD – Society for Non formal and Social Education Hunedoara
  7. Tripa Louise-Gabriel/Citizen/C.T.E. DRAGOMIR HURMUZESCU Deva
  8. Geltner David Lucian/Citizen
  9. Paula Danescu/Public servant
  10. Vinau Danut/Citizen
  11. Covaciu Adriana Nicoleta/Public servant
  12. Opruta Monica Ioana/Citizen
  13. Dan Terteci/Citizen, Journalist, Public servant, NGO Representative/Hunedoara Prefecture
  14. Morar Elena/Citizen/Civitas Deva
  15. Florescu Ovidiu/Citizen
  16. Zmau Ionel/NGO Representative/Cultural Association LES AMIS DE LA FRANCE – Petrila