• Goal:

Set up a comprehensive system that facilitates citizens’ participation in practicing democracy by forming active citizens, creating spaces that protect and promote democratic values ​​and by conducting integrity audits for local governments.

  • Specific objectives:
    • Create a national network of trainers in the field of active citizenship (librarians trainers from county public libraries);
    • Train and establish 14 Civic Action Groups (CAG) consisting of NGO members and citizens from 14 counties;
    • Install 14 democracy-nests (spaces designed to protect, promote and facilitate the exercise of democratic values) in 14 county libraries in the country​​;
    • Coach CAG members to participate in community life by performing 28 integrity audits – 14 for local public institutions and 14 for public services from the same locality;
    • Draft 14 memoranda with local NGOs and citizens who are willing to take up the coordination of the 14 nests of democracy as a sustainability measure.