The Third Place for Active Citizenship is officially launched!


Progress Foundation organized the first conference to officially launch the project in Bucharest, at the Metropolitan Library. The event was attended by representatives of civil society, public institutions, mass-media and local citizens.

The conference was opened by Anca Rapeanu, manager of the Metropolitan Library, followed by Dr. Camelia Crișan, project manager and executive director of Progress Foundation, who presented the general framework of the project.

The guest of honour, Dr. Senior Lecturer Dumitru Borțun (SNSPA), spoke to participants about the importance of civic participation and advocated for the practica of a genuine dialogue between different segments of the community.

Mr. Dan Nazare, manager of the Braşov County Library, and Ms. Olympia Bratu, manager of the Gorj County Library, have expressed their own views on the importance and place that public libraries can have in facilitating active citizenship.

After its first public come-out (Bucharest, 07.24.2014), the “Third space of active citizenship” will be launched also at the local level, through press conferences in the other six locations for project implementation – Brașov, Cluj-Napoca, Târgu -Jiu, Constanța, Deva and Suceava.

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