Training active citizens in Constanta – so what?

After thorough considerations, 15 volunteers from Constanta who joined us in the ”Third Space for Active Citizenship” decided that instead of listening to the seagulls at the shore, they would rather spend their weekend by attending an active citizenship training (click here for photo gallery).

Therefore, between March 13th and 15th, together with Lili – our librarian trainer from the ”Ioan N. Roman” Public Library of Constanta – and Cosmin – training coordinator, Progress Foundation, we explored, we played, we learned from each other, we drew, we ”made” theater, we discovered how we can change systems and we even found out that we are better than we imagined – validated by the others:)

During the training course we all passed through a lot of questions, either ours about us or about what can we do for our community, or others, about what can we do for our welfare in the community. We shared many questions like ”why?”, ”how?”, ”when?”, ”who?”, ”what?” – long live journalism! and, when we thought that we solved them all, the insensible”so what?” popped up.

We won’t tell you what we replied, but we would rather let you imagine creative solutions to the moments when you’d face people who tell you so what about an initiative you consider important to yourself. Because is it’s important to yourself, it’s also important to your family, your friends, your mates, your neighbors, your community and, guess what, even to the so what people.

Need a constructive feedback? You can find us in our partner libraries – just say you’re looking for a democracy nest!