Training of Trainers Pilot course for active citizenship


Fundatia Progress and its partners from Civis Polonus organised the first Training of Trainers course intended to prepare 7 librarians to become trainers for active citizens within “The Third Space for active Citizenship”.

The training took place in Poiana Brasov 11 to15 of November and was held by Mike Waldron and Olga Napiontek. The 3-day course was organized around three major themes: “Identity and Culture”, “Dialogue and inclusive decision-making” and “community involvement and social action.”

As a result of participating in the training session the librarians have assimilated key-concepts (“active citizenship”, “dialogue”, “participatory decision making”), have outlined a common vision of the change they will make in the community, have defined the active citizen’s profile, have understood the mechanism of power sharing in a community, have identified “pivots, levers and points of influence” in political/social/economic systems and they articulated ideas/ projects that can catalyze local citizen participation.

The training program also included an important “learn through delivery”component. Thus the librarian-trainers have consolidated their ability to facilitate learning by preparing and delivering training micro-sessions in front of their colleagues on subjects such as: dialogue in the public space, narrative dialogue, power networks, networks for participation, decision-making inclusion, identifying needs in a community.

Our new “in the field” trainers prepared during this first series of the Training of Trainers course are:

Further, the 7 trainer-librarians will receive online mentoring from the trainers delegated by Civis Polonus for adapting the course for delivery at the local level, during the active citizens’ training stage.