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Ovidiu Ana

When confronted with challenging projects, Ovidiu always starts by assessing opportunities and then makes magic happen. His area of work is extensive, but his expertise is built upon forming and coaching teams. This brought him tremendous professional and personal satisfaction, the more since he trained more than 4000 people in the non profit and business sector.

What spices up his life is a personal project – a family farm where he’s raising sheeps, few Romanian Mioritic shepherd dogs and one little donkey.

All these have a common denominator, namely identifying solutions together with those that will be impacted by it, for a more performant and better life.

Adriana Dumitrescu

Adriana is a master of tables, calculations and procedures. She worked seven years in the national program Biblionet of IREX, auditing large, medium and small grants, participating in tender procedures for large amounts (over $ 2 million) or monitoring direct payments of 50 Ron. Adriana measures twice before cutting, obstinately researching laws and regulations to make sure everything is right and now, due to her diligence, she is a Chartered Accountant since 2009.

Ramona Sinca

Ramona sees potential (for growth, learning, innovation) in everything (she even pretends she’s not the only one who does it) and thinks it’s enough to put people in touch for them to generate development naturally. With working experience in the NGO sector for almost nine years (three years for community facilitation for health policy, 3 years of PR consulting for The Open Network for Community Development, three years of regional training coordination in the Biblionet program) and without regretting any bit of it (maybe the too frequent trips at the end of which she finds her balcony garden withered), Ramona has one ambition: to become a “connector” for good. Now you know why she works for Progress Foundation.

Dr. Camelia Crisan

After running for six years the training department of the national program Biblionet, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (FBMG), with 26.9 million $ and implemented by IREX Foundation, Camelia returned to the position of Executive Director of Progress Foundation. Through her work, Camelia has contributed to the organizational change of more than 2000 public libraries and to the skills development of over 3,000 librarians from Romania. Also, in the last six years, she has completed her doctoral thesis, published two books and several scholarly articles and became the proud mother of Cati. Now she can finally get to work as there’s a new challenge ahead.