Third place for active citizenship

Project financed through through the EEA grants 2009-2014, NGO Fund programme

I partake, therefore I am!

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Project Details


Set up a comprehensive system that facilitates citizens’ participation in practicing democracy by forming active citizens, creating spaces that protect and promote democratic values ​​and by conducting integrity audits for local governments.

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Implementation system

Our project's final beneficiaries are the citizens of 14 urban communities from Romania for which the project is implemented in two stages.

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Development of a training course on active citizenship and its transfer in the training portfolio of the Training Centres from each county library, nationwide.

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Democracy Nests


Established in 1996 in Bistrita, Progress Foundation is a nongovernmental organization that pilots local initiatives in the field of education / training, (e-) inclusion, community development and volunteerism and then scales it, at national level, as innovative and impactful best practices. The Foundation's approach on development has at its core the local and county libraries as hubs of lifelong learning and social innovation.

  • Dr. Camelia Crisan

    Project Manager

    Through her work, Camelia has contributed to the organizational change of more than 2000 public libraries and to the skills development of over 3,000 librarians from Romania.

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  • Ramona Sinca

    PR Responsible

    Ramona sees potential (for growth, learning, innovation) in everything (she even pretends she’s not the only one who does it) and thinks it's enough to put people in touch for them to generate development naturally.

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  • Adriana Dumitrescu

    Finance Officer

    Adriana is a master of tables, calculations and procedures. She worked seven years in the national program Biblionet of IREX, auditing large, medium and small grants, participating in tender procedures for large amounts (over $ 2 million) or monitoring direct payments of 50 Ron.

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  • Ovidiu Ana

    Coordonator formare

    When confronted with challenging projects, Ovidiu always starts by assessing opportunities and then makes magic happen. His area of work is extensive, but his expertise is built upon forming and coaching teams. This brought him tremendous professional and personal satisfaction, the more since he trained more than 4000 people in the non profit and business […]

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This project creates a public space which, in the tradition of Romanian civilisation, didn’t really exist. To enter modernity, Romanian people need an agora in which to debate issues of general interest. This project transforms the library in such a public space.

Conf. Univ. Dr. Dumitru Bortun, SNSPA

I believe that the “Third Place for Active Citizenship” is important because it gives community members real tools and new ways to become part of the change for the better of society.

Steliana Moraru, TechSoup Romania

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